I am excited to announce that my art has been selected by the State Department’s Art in Embassies program for a 2-3 year group exhibition at the US Embassy in Bucharest, Romania! Resurrection Diptych and Textured Abstraction XXV are the two paintings that will be shipped to the embassy in early 2016.

Just sold five Abstract Squares paintings at the Celebration of Creativity. Thank you Southminster for the opportunity, and for donating your commissions to art programs in our community.


Artist: Painter, Sculptor, Illustrator

"Karen Cruickshank of Portland, Oregon, is direct in her commitment to painterly quality especially seen in her work 'Textured Abstraction IX'.   The richness of the color and linear passages creates a delicious visual tastiness."

Laurence Bradshaw

Curator, Professor of Art

University of Nebraska at Omaha